More Birthday Crafts!

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Party FavorsNow that Simon's party is over, I can post about some other birthday crafting that has been going on. Simon invited his three best friends (all girls) to his party. OK, I invited them, but I like to pretend that he had some say in the matter. Anyway, I made these bunnies as party favors for his little girl friends. I placed some plastic in the ears to make them all crinkly and I wrapped the bunnies themselves in lots of red cellophane so the babies had a gift of their own to open. As a result, the wrapping was just as much fun as the actual bunny inside. I think the bunnies were well received. And, I made sure that the felt ended up right-side-out when the bunnies were completed - unlike my first attempt. The best part, again, was that I spent no money on these favors since they were made from materials in my stash.

A Virginia Tech Family

His birthday presents included a Washington Redskins outfit he can wear with his dad on game days, a board book about a snake named Simon and all the wonderful things he can be, and this adorable turkey that we had custom made by The Sweetest Pea. I love all her little fat creations and wish I had unlimited funds so I could buy more of them. Check them out!


Blogger Peg said...

Many happy returns of the day to your family (especially Simon) on Simon's First Birthday.

(And, so long as I've de-lurked, thanks for a lovely blog and for sharing your craft with us.)

9/30/2006 7:33 PM  

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