Jeans Tranformed!

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Simon is very tall for his age, but his legs are very short. This means that all of his pants are way too long. I started basting a hem in several of them with the intension to let the hem out at a later date when he is taller, but I've quickly realized that when he is eventually tall enough for the un-hemmed pants his waist will be too large. So, when my mom found these adorable jeans for him at a super-discounted clearance price, I decided to forgo the basted hem and do something really permanent.

Altered Jeans

I measured the desired length and cut the jeans off at that point. Then, I used this totally adorable robot fabric to make fabric cuffs. In retrospect, it would take a lot less time to make cuffs on pants that I sewed myself instead of ones that I was altering. It was rather tricky to work around the legs of the jeans and to sew a side seam. And I decided to hem them by hand in order to avoid an unsightly line of stitching in the middle of the cuff. But nevertheless, I prevailed and they are super cute!

Cute CuffsUnfortunately, they turned about to be about one inch shorter than I had hoped. That's what I get for trying to measure hem-length on a squirming boy. They are actually the perfect length for him right now: just above his heel so that he doesn't trip on them. I just wanted them to be a bit longer so that there was room to grow. Now there is no room to grow and I predict that I will be adding a second cuff on the bottom at a later date so that I can keep him in this cuteness for as long as possible.

As I was trying to take photos of Simon wearing the pants, he decided that they (and he) would look much better once they had been smeared with a generous helping of mud. Ah, I love boys. After taking some pictures, we met a little girl at the park who was only a little bit older than Simon. She was busily playing on the slide when she started laughing to herself. When her mother asked her what she was laughing at she said, in this totally exasperated and weary tone of voice, "boys."

Muddy Boy


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