Stash Busting

This week has seen very little sewing/crafting done by me (hence, the lack of blogging). I do almost all of my sewing while Simon is asleep at night. Sometimes I try for while he is napping, but he has recently decided that he does not want to nap. Sigh. Anyway, last weekend we did a family vacation at home – lots of touristy things in the Washington area without having to pay for travel or lodging. It was fabulous, but no crafting. On Monday we had some friends over for dinner and had a great time, but no crafting. On Tuesday I got a stomach bug and went to bed at the same time as Simon. It was great getting so much sleep, but no crafting was done. On Wednesday, my softball team had their first practice of the fall season and I only got a minimal amount of sewing in after practice was over. Last night, finally, I was able to get some sewing time in.

Monsters in ProgressI’ve been focusing this month on using up my fabric stash. I’ve made lots of little projects (like these monsters) and am feeling quite productive, but the stash doesn’t seem to be any smaller. I don’t see how that’s possible, because I keep reaching into my bags of scraps, and I’ve definitely used up some of my favorite colors – I’m almost all out of red!! I love scraps, and it’s a good thing because I think I am going to be drowning in them forever!

3My newest stashbusting adventure is cutting 3″ squares. As I work through the stash on my various projects, I am saving one or two of these squares and setting them aside. Eventually I will piece them all into a quilt. I haven’t decided if it will be a lap quilt or a baby quilt. And I haven’t decided if I will keep it, use it as a gift, or give it to charity. But I will use up those scraps! One thing I have decided is that it won’t be a charm quilt. I can use up more of the stash if I don’t limit myself to one piece of each fabric.

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