Button Button Who’s Got the Button?

Little Quilted Wall Hangings

These little wall hangings seemed to evolve all on their own. I started out by piecing the borders out of leftover cutout squares from these purses. I then sewed them onto the center, white rectangle. After that, the plan was to make some more yo-yo flowers, but somehow I thought better of it and decided on buttons. I reached into my awesome vintage button collection (courtesy of Grandma) and picked out some coordinating buttons and waited for inspiration to strike. The designs in black are all free motion quilted and I enjoyed the freedom of it. I think I like the button family best, but I also like the variety of fabrics in the other two wall hangings. Maybe I’ll have to make another button family and vary up the fabrics a little. As if I don’t have enough projects going on at the moment!

I’m still working on the t-shirt quilt and I’m also redecorating my living room, which involves making some pillows and painting some furniture. Easter is also creeping up on me and I have two little projects in mind for Simon’s Easter basket. I really need to get cracking. I’ve been in a bit of a crafting slump lately. I’m just not feeling very inspired. I think I just need to kick myself in the butt and get in gear.

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