Yes, I’m Still Alive

I know, it has been a ridiculously long time since I last blogged. And I have no good reason for it other than life. I missed my one year blog anniversary. I was going to blog that day, but I just didn’t find the time and inertia kept me from getting back to it until now. I’ve been busy, but the truth is that I’m just in a rut. A crafting and blogging rut. I need something fun to work on to get me out of the rut, but I’m in the middle of a project that has to get finished and I can’t deviate from it until it’s completed.

Hokie Dorm QuiltI had a hard time coming up with what to say about my blog anniversary, because it came on the Friday after the tragedy at Virginia Tech. And my very first blog post was about the progress I was making on a dorm quilt for my brother-in-law, who was to be attending the university that upcoming fall. (As an aside, I looked for the post with the completed quilt and couldn’t find it! How did I not post the finished quilt!!?? I must be a total spaz. You can see it at the left) As an alumna of Virginia Tech, I felt like I should say something, but was just in so much shock that I didn’t know what to say. What do you say when a place that you love and saw some of your best years is now etched into most of the country’s mind’s eye as a place of tragedy and devastation? And what could I say that hasn’t already been said? And who cares what I have to say anyway, as this is a crafting blog and anyone who reads it is looking for crafts and not more commentary on something that is monopolizing just about all of the news reports out there?

Anyway, that explains a bit of my blogging silence. Although my procrastination in general is a major contributor. Murray (my brother-in-law) is doing well and will be coming home after finals are completed next week. Wish me luck in overcoming the procrastination. And Go Hokies!!

VT Pillow - Front

VT Pillow - Back

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One Response to Yes, I’m Still Alive

  1. muffinmidi says:

    Hi Kate,
    I’m on the 25 Things for Charity crafting blog, which led me to your sites. I enjoy your blog. I write a blog for my cat and know that life gets in the way of both blogging and crafting.
    I was really struk by the Virginia Tech tragedy. My father was a campus seurity officer for almost thirty years, so the carnage really affected me. To have that happen on a college campus was a desecration. I feel so for the students and families.

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