The Camera is Back!!

Yay for the return of the camera! Now I can take pictures of all the crafts I am working on. All the many, many crafts….

OK, there aren’t that many (although I do have a significant number of UFO’s). The problem is that the few projects I’m working on right now are REALLY big ones. The kind that take a very, very long time to complete. This makes for not so interesting blogging. I’ll try to be better and post more often about my progress and other little crafty tidbits. And I’ll try to take pictures more often since, you know, I have my camera back!

Binding By Hand

I like to bind my quilts by hand. It looks better, in my opinion, but takes a lot more time. However, I like sitting and sewing by hand every once in a while. It’s relaxing and gives you something to do while you watch Ugly Betty. I usually pin the binding down, but have seen people clip it with hair barrettes. I don’t have hair barrettes, but had a burst of inspiration when I remembered these itty bitty binder clips. They are just the perfect size and work wonderfully. And now my husband doesn’t have to harass me about losing pins in the couch, carpet, etc.

This project, by the way, is a test I did for Pink Chalk Studio‘s latest pattern – to be released soon! I can’t tell you what it is or show you what it looks like, but I can tell you that it’s awesome and Kathy writes some very easy-to-follow directions. Stay tuned!!

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One Response to The Camera is Back!!

  1. Lori says:

    I think hand sewing the binding looks much nicer also. I’ve machine sewed it and it just does not look nearly as neat. Great idea with the clips.

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