70 Days until Christmas!!!

Last night I started stressing out when I realized that Christmas was almost two months away and I had many more projects on my list than I previously thought. In order to put things in perspective, I procrastinated from all my Christmas projects and rifled through my stash for Halloween-type fabrics.

Halloween's A Comin'

I love making things entirely from the stash. I know it’s not really free, as I paid for it at one time, but it sure feels like making something for free. And, truth be told, I do have a lot of things that actually were free. So, yay for bargains, yay for Halloween, and yay for procrastination!

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One Response to 70 Days until Christmas!!!

  1. Fiona @ Dragonfly-Crafts says:

    Thanks for the reminder????
    I didn’t really want to know that.
    I’ve got sooo much to do.
    Love what you’ve made.
    I know what you mean about free. We seem to forget that we bought it sometime.
    Although I do have a lot in my stash that was given to me. So most of my stash is free.
    If only I had time to use it.

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