Almost Time for Trick or Treating

This year for Halloween Simon is going to be a spider. He is going to be a spider because we got the costume through Freecycle last year in a bag of toddler clothes and he loves it. I was a little disappointed that I wouldn’t be making his costume since I had some ideas, but I really don’t need more stress. So, I decided to fill my need for making him something by making him a bag to carry around for trick-or-treating purposes.

Practicing His Trick or Treating

My husband was a little luke warm in his reaction to the bag. After some probing, he tells me that he doesn’t like it for Simon because it “looks like a purse”. I argue that it is in fact a tote bag and there is nothing girly about it. According to his logic if it is quilted, then it is a purse.

I finished this bag over a week ago and have been meaning to post about it all this time. But, I ended up going to NY to visit family for a short week and after we returned it rained for four days. We definitely needed the rain, but it did not make for good photo taking opportunities. I haven’t been working on anything else lately, except for making my list of Christmas gifts I need to make. I told my husband that I wasn’t going to make as many gifts this year, but my list is perilously long and I’m afraid I’m going to have to cross some things off. I’ll keep you posted.

Trick or Treat Bag

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3 Responses to Almost Time for Trick or Treating

  1. Mom G says:

    I love your pink licorice quilt! Is there a pattern for sale?


    Linda Gersib

  2. Mom G says:

    I love your pink licorice quilt! Is there a pattern for sale.


    Linda G
    Olympia WA

  3. Anonymous says:

    thought you might like this site:

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