Baby Giftage


Baby Irish Chain
Here is a baby quilt I recently made for a friend who is due any day now. I wanted to make sure I got it done in time, so I went with an Irish Chain and used various soft hues I found in my stash. After I pieced it together, I thought it was maybe a little too simple, so I decided that the quilting itself needed to be a little bit special.



Quilting Closeup
Making the template for the heart wreath took a very long time, which was somewhat frustrating since I’m sure someone has done it before and I could have just copied it. But, I suppose this way I was able to be sure it was exactly the size I wanted. In any case, marking the quilting for this quilt took the most time of any other step along the way. I get impatient with what I perceive to be wasting time.



Doll Quilt
And, finally, here is a little doll quilt I made for the new big sister (2.5 years old). It is made from the same fabrics as the baby quilt. This was my first doll quilt and I love it. I love how fast it was to make and that it coordinates with the other quilt. Yay baby gifts!


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3 Responses to Baby Giftage

  1. Polska says:

    Kate what beautiful work. I’m sure the mom will be touched and the big sister will be thrilled with her own doll blanket.

  2. Nancy says:

    I love the quilting that you did on this blanket. Too many quilts have just plain stippling – no character at all.

    Keep up the good work.

  3. BabyMoos says:

    wow, theres alot of hard work gone into that baby quilt!

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