They’re Breeding!

The Whole Crew

It wasn’t the best light for taking pictures this morning, but I just couldn’t wait. We now have a grand total of five buggy guys (with no plans to make more, because I am so done with curved piecing!).

I haven’t done any research yet on bean bag games we can play with them, but Simon has made up a few of his own. First is “Throw Them in a Bowl”. This involves tossing them into a plastic mixing bowl. He walks right up to it, drops the bug in, and then wriggles with glee. The even more popular variant on this game is to place the bowl far, far away and then make Daddy toss the buggy guys in the bowl. Crafty kid. The other favorite game is called “Zoom… weeee!”. This involves placing the bean bag on top of the coffee table and sliding it off with as much force as possible. While it is flying through the air, he yells, “Zoom! Weee!”

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One Response to They’re Breeding!

  1. Janet McKinney says:

    I love the way kids can come up with the most creative ways to play with something simple. Love your ladybugs.
    Janet McKinney

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