Curved Piecing

I am currently working on a very large quilt and I’m trying a bunch of different techniques that I haven’t really done before. The most obvious one is curved piecing and, I do not like it Sam I am. I do not like the templates, and the wonky way you have to manipulate the fabric, and how long it takes. But, mostly, I do not like the end result. It’s just not crisp. Maybe that’s because I lack skills and practice and this kind of thing, but I’m just not loving it.

Curved Piecing

The block doesn’t want to lay flat and the edges aren’t straight (although you can’t see that with my crop). I guess I’m just a bit of a perfectionist and am unsatisfied with the lack of perfection. Not that my work is usually perfect, but I can at least usually expect consistent results. Behold the crispness of the straight seams:

Straight Piecing

Ah… that’s better.

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