Fun With Machine Applique

Fun With Machine AppliqueThere is a class offered in March at my local quilt shop that I am considering taking. It’s about machine applique. Specifically, it’s about doing machine applique that looks like it is done by hand. I am skeptical that this is possible, but am interested in learning how. The class is for beginners and I am not a beginner at hand applique, but I certainly am with the machine.

Here is my attempt at some fun, little appliques done by machine. They are certainly not meant to look like they are done by hand. Nevertheless, I love the way they look. The are fun and whimsical. The snail and apple have some embroidery on them that I did by hand. I’m wondering if that’s a little silly: machine applique and hand embroidery. Shouldn’t it be all or nothing?

I don’t follow rules. I just do what I like.

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4 Responses to Fun With Machine Applique

  1. Dev says:

    Your applique designs are very good but i advise you to designs from ralli quilts. They are also good as you have.

  2. Patrick says:

    Wow – quilting spam! That’s a new one to me. (I trust Kate will straighten me out if I’m out of line here).

  3. Kay says:

    Sharon Schamber, who has won many, many awards, does machine applique that looks like it’s done by hand. So it’s possible, though I’m not sure what the point is myself. The two are different skills, each good in its way.

  4. Jenny L. says:

    I have always wanted to do applique. These samples are cute!

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