Blocks #2 and #3: Raiding the Scrap Bin

Scrappy Squares

I don’t think I mentioned in previous posts that all the blocks for these two quilts are 12″ finished. That means that all the squares in the above quilt are only 1″ – very tedious work, but super cute result.  There are no repeating fabrics, since I made copious use of my stash of scraps.  There are just some fabrics I love so much that I can’t throw away even the tiniest scrap.  And it’s so nice to see them again – hello friends!

Now in this block, while I did raid the stash, you will see every fabric repeated twice.  That is because I cut all my fabrics into squares before making them into triangles.  It made for much faster piecing, and that was more valuable to me than the uniqueness of each triangle.

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