Blocks #6 and #7: Curved Piecing

When I started on this sampler quilt, I knew that I wanted a true sampler and I was going to have to use a wide variety of techniques. For these next two blocks, that meant curved piecing. Very scary. It is a lot easier to just cut out a circle and applique it, in my opinion. But then, it doesn’t lay nice and flat, like the curved piecing does.

I drafted the pattern for these blocks with my graph paper and a compass, and made my own templates.  However, all I know about curved piecing I learned from The Modern Quilt Workshop. They may not want to lay claim to me, though, when they see the following blocks.  I think the lesson I learned here is that quarter circles are pulled off a lot more easily than half circles. Observe:

Pieced Quarter Circles

Pieced Semi-Circles

See what I mean? Those half circles are just all wonky.  Not my favorite block.

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2 Responses to Blocks #6 and #7: Curved Piecing

  1. Oh, but your quarter circle block is fabulous! I’m enjoying your sampler quilt. Just made a block today inspired by one of your earlier blocks. I heart rainbows!

  2. hokiekate says:

    Thank you! I love the rainbows, too. Obviously ;) .

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