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I Get to Keep This One!

Well, here it is.  The sampler quilt I plan on giving to my baby, to be born  this December.  I don’t think there is much more to say about these quilts that I haven’t already said.  This project has stretched … Continue reading

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A Quilt to Donate

This is the story of two quilts.  The completed second quilt will be revealed in another blog post.  This quilt is not mine to keep, but hopefully it will go to a good home where it will be loved. At … Continue reading

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Quilting the Quilt

These quilts ended up being a lot larger than I usually make baby quilts. As a result, they were a bit of a bear to quilt on my machine. Especially using this curved pattern. This is definitely a labor of … Continue reading

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Now that I’m done with the quilt blocks, it is time to decide which blocks go in which quilt.  One quilt I am keeping for the new baby and one I am going to donate.  It turns out that my … Continue reading

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Halloween is Fast Approaching

My kids are under the impression that they can be anything they want for Halloween, because I can make it happen for them.  This is not necessarily true, but fortunately their requests have been ones that I can handle. Last … Continue reading

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Block #24: Hand Appliqued Tree

I am rather proud of this block.  Mostly because it is completely appliqued by hand and took a really long time to complete.  Also, I love the rainbow effect of the leaves. Unfortunately, it’s not a great photo. Maybe I … Continue reading

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Block #23: Mosaic

I love improvisational blocks – mainly for the time saved, but also for the fun, modern feel. I made this block using the technique described here on Oh, Fransson! Super easy and pretty cool results: One last block to go!

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Blocks#21 and #22: Hand Embroidery

I knew that I wanted to include some hand embroidery in this quilt, and I decided to go with a giraffe and an elephant because they are featured in some of the fabrics I have been using throughout these many … Continue reading

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