Block #24: Hand Appliqued Tree

I am rather proud of this block.  Mostly because it is completely appliqued by hand and took a really long time to complete.  Also, I love the rainbow effect of the leaves.

Raiinbow Tree

Unfortunately, it’s not a great photo. Maybe I can blame the blurriness on the fact that most times when I try to take a picture, this is what is going on in the background:

My Photographer

Super cute, but not super conducive to blog awesomeness.

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2 Responses to Block #24: Hand Appliqued Tree

  1. carrie says:

    I cannot wait to see the finished product!!!

  2. Val says:

    Oh my gosh this block is AMAZING! I’d never really had the desire to try my hand at appliqué but now…. now I HAVE to try :)

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