Halloween is Fast Approaching

My kids are under the impression that they can be anything they want for Halloween, because I can make it happen for them.  This is not necessarily true, but fortunately their requests have been ones that I can handle.

Ferdinand and the Bee

Last years’ joint costume was Ferdinand the bull and the bee who stung him.  The Ferdinand costume was more “assembled” than “made”.  The only thing I actually made was the tail, and that isn’t even in the picture.  I did make the tutu for the bee and added the black lace stripes to the yellow shirt.  All in all, a very easy do-it-yourself costume.

The Wonderpets
The Wonderpets - Back

The year before that, they decided to be the Wonderpets (minus one pet).  This was a more ambitious undertaking.  Unfortunately, you can’t really see the awesome capes with the Wonderpets logo sewn on – I really should have taken a better picture of that!  But you can see the homemade sail to the flyboat, hats, and various animal appendages.  This is the costume undertaking that has led my kids to believe that I can make anything they dream up.

This year is the first year that they are not requesting a joint costume.  They assure me that they are no longer going to change their minds – something they have done many times up until this very date.  Assuming all goes well, this year we will have a Captain America and a Fancy Nancy.  I guess that means I really should start working on that…

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