Now that I’m done with the quilt blocks, it is time to decide which blocks go in which quilt.  One quilt I am keeping for the new baby and one I am going to donate.  It turns out that my kids are really invested in which blocks we get to keep and are determined to have a say.  Who knew??  Kids are so funny sometimes.

So, I let them help decide which ones we get to keep.  Then, they wanted to help figure out the layout of the blocks within each quilt.  Maybe I have some future quilters on my hands?  Or maybe just some future control freaks.  Anyway, one result was that I had a hard time getting a picture of this process without a child in the way.

Quilt #1 Layout
Quilt #2 Layout
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  1. Auntie Booger says:

    what an outfit, mary…

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